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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Burke Motor Group Goes to Bat for Lower Cape May Little League

BB little league

By Press Release

Burke Motor Group is partnering with Lower Cape May Little League in North Cape May for the 2019 baseball season. Burke Motor Group has joined forces with the national Chevrolet Youth Baseball program to provide new equipment for the teams, as well as invitations to FREE instructional clinics.

“Playing the game of baseball helps kids develop skills like leadership, cooperation and sportsmanship while bringing families and communities together to show their support. Burke Motor Group and Chevrolet Youth Baseball are proud to participate in a sport that brings so many smiles to kids and families in the Lower Cape May area,” said Francey Burke, Director of Community Relations for Burke Motor Group. “Chevrolet believes that in play there are possibilities, and supports the spirit of teamwork that baseball instills in its players.”

2019 marks the 14th year for the Chevrolet Youth Baseball program. Since its introduction, the program has benefitted more than 7.3 million young people in communities where Chevrolet’s customers live, work and play. In 2018, more than 1,200 Chevrolet dealers participated across the country.

Burke Motor Group will present an equipment kit that includes useful items such as batpacks, scorebooks, industrial-strength batting tees, ball buckets and T-shirts. The sponsorship also includes youth clinics featuring current and former MLB/MiLB players and coaches, or instructors from Ripken Baseball.

In addition, Burke Motor Group will present a check representing a one-time monetary contribution to Lower Cape May Little League.

In addition to its commitment to youth baseball, Chevrolet also is the Official Vehicle of Major League Baseball™.

“Chevrolet vehicles are designed and built for families, safety and fun, so we encourage young people and their parents to make a Chevrolet the official vehicle of their household,” said Burke.

For more information about Chevrolet Youth Baseball, please visit 

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