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Friday, April 12, 2024


Bob Andrzejczak’s Personal Smear Campaign Against Mike Testa, Jr. is Reaching New Lows

Testa 10.23.19

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Desperate to hold onto the seat handed to him by Camden party bosses, Bob Andrzejczak’s campaign is a mudslinging machine funded by dirty Camden Super PAC millions and far left special interests, who want open borders, gun confiscation, and bigger and more expensive government.
While never regarded as terribly effective during his time in the state Assembly, Bob Andrzejczak was always considered a nice guy. No more.
Andrzejczak’s dishonest smear campaign attacking Republican Mike Testa, Jr. with anti-Italian and anti-Semitic stereotypes and attacks on Testa’s family, have Cape May County residents rethinking their views on Andrzejczak.
“Listen, Bob votes with Phil Murphy’s radical liberal agenda 95% of the time in Trenton, so it’s understandable that he wouldn’t want to talk about his record – because it’s really bad and really far to the left – but the campaign he’s running is embarrassing at this point. It completely lacks substance and is just one personal attack after another,” said Testa, Jr.
Andrzejczak smear campaign is receiving millions of dollars in support from the General Majority PAC – a special interest slush fund run by Camden party bosses – who are littering district mailboxes and television screens with garbage attacks on Testa and his Republican running mates, Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan.
In fact, Andrzejczak is so beholden to the group, that even when statewide Democrats like Gov. Murphy and other African-American leaders criticized the Super PAC attacks on Mr. McClellan as racist, Andrzejczak said nothing. Make no mistake, Andrzejczak is controlled by these party bosses, and will never bite the hands that feeds him.
“Trenton has clearly changed Bob Andrzejczak,” added Testa, Jr. “I was stunned when Bob voted to cut millions of dollars in funding for Cape May County schools, and then voted to spend that money on free college tuition for illegal immigrants. Those two votes are so out-of-touch and so extreme far left, it’s hard to believe, but it’s 100% true and documented. I encourage anyone to look them up on the state legislature’s web site. 
“Bob Andrzejczak voted to cut school funding for our kids and then give that money to illegal immigrants for college tuition aid. That is a fact.”
Testa, Jr. also said Andrzejczak’s failure to join Cape May County Sheriff Bob Nolan’s fight against Gov. Murphy’s sanctuary state directive is inexcusable.
“Bob Andrzejczak is supposed to be the senator representing Cape May County, and instead he’s become a rubber stamp for Phil Murphy’s radical liberal agenda in Trenton,” said Testa, Jr. “Sheriff Nolan doesn’t need hollow press releases from his senator, he needs a partner to fight the liberals in Trenton and keep our communities safe and secure.
“In Sen. Andrzejczak’s disappointing absence, I was proud to step in and join with Sheriff Nolan in this important fight, and as senator, I won’t rest until this dangerous sanctuary state policy is repealed, our law enforcement officers are respected, and Phil Murphy is a one-term governor.”
Paid for by Testa for Senate, 424 W. Landis Ave., Vineland, NJ 08360.

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