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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Blue Ribbon Challenge Supports Middle Township Police

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By Press Release

COURT HOUSE – In a show of support and solidarity for our police department and law enforcement across the country, Middle Township is encouraging all our businesses and residents to join in the Blue Ribbon Challenge. We want to fill our community with blue ribbons to let the whole world know we stand arm in arm with our men and women in blue and their families.
“I’m honored every day, as the Public Safety Director, to stand with the men and women of the MTPD,” Committeeman Tim Donohue said. “I know my fellow residents share the same pride I have in our police department. I hope folks will take the time to commit to this simple, yet important, show of support. It’s time for the silent majority of Americans who believe in the rule of law to stand up and be counted. Our police department has our backs 24/7, 365 days a year. It time for us to display the same commitment to them and their families.”
Beginning July 20, residents are encouraged to stop by Town Hall, leave their own personal messages of thanks and appreciation to the MTPD and pick up their blue ribbon. We’re asking folks to display these blue ribbons prominently in their businesses, on their front doors or mail boxes.
“I think it is very important to honor and support our police officers every day and this is a great way to publicly demonstrate that support,” said Mayor Michael Clark. “As a volunteer fireman I have had a lot of interaction with the MTPD and they are the best of the best, under Chief Leusner’s outstanding leadership. Please support our police officers not just through this campaign, but daily. If you see an officer, I encourage you to thank him or her for their service to our community. “
Residents will also have an opportunity to sign the MTPD Thank You Book and pick up a blue ribbon during National Night Out Aug. 2 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Goshen Sports Complex.

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