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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Bishop McHugh School Debuts STREAM Garden


By Press Release

CLERMONT – Bishop McHugh School has a new outdoor space where students may learn and pray, a STREAM garden designed and created by students with help from volunteers and experts in the community.
According to a release, the STREAM Garden is a multi-year, schoolwide learning project incorporating science, technology, religion, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. Students in grades K-8 contributed to the garden, learning about horticulture, and taking turns at planting and weeding.
Students also used math, science, engineering and Religion to design the garden. The design incorporates brick pavers that create a pathway featuring the 14 Stations of the Cross.
“We are blessed to have so much support from our local community, who have come together to inspire our students and help them make this a reality,” stated Tom McGuire, principal of Bishop McHugh School. “We look forward to utilizing this space for project-based STREAM learning, in addition to having a beautiful place where students may be immersed in a moment of quiet reflection.”
Several individuals and organizations were instrumental in the development of the STREAM Garden. These included the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Service, Sea Isle Garden Club, Garden Greenhouse, other local businesses, ACIT teacher and professional landscaper Drew Holmes, Anita McMahon and the Gardening (Green Thumb) Committee, teacher Caitlin Votta and the Student (Green Thumb) Committee, art teacher Lisa Barry and school staff, and Building and Grounds Supervisor Andrzej Majewski.
Bishop McHugh School families and community members sponsored stations and pavers.
Students had an opportunity to visit the finished garden during the last week of school in June.
Recently, the school added picnic tables to the garden to create an outdoor learning space.

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