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Monday, June 17, 2024


September 2022 Birth Announcements

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By Herald Staff

Shore Medical Center reported the following births:
Weston James Gaskill to Alyse Tanghare and Dustin Gaskill of Cape May Court House, September 8, 2022. 
Shawn Alvin Wing, Jr. to Mickela Messick-Chester and Shawn Wing of Cape May County, September 18, 2022. 
Lainey Cece Loefflad to Ember and Michael Loefflad of Villas, September 20, 2022.                        
Grace Jessica Young to Jessica Driscoll and Michael Young of Green Creek, September 20, 2022.  
Ashtyn Ruth King to Samantha and Dylan King of Belleplain, September 20, 2022.  
Malcolm Daniel Pettit to Carmel Moore and Nicholas Pettit of Cape May Court House, September 20, 2022.  
Piper Rebecca Denham to Chelsie Syniowycz and Christopher Denham of Cape May, September 28, 2022.  
Bailey Anne Cooley to Kelsey and Scott Cooley of Green Creek, September 28, 2022.  
Ambrose Antonio León to Lacey and Kyle León of Belleplain, September 27, 2022.  
Neréuz Johnson to Kalijah Anderson and Antonio Johnson of Cape May Court House, September 29, 2022. 
Kalian Enael Orozco-Mercado to Shanice and Angel Orozco of Wildwood, September 30, 2022.  

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