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Beachcomber Donates Over $2,000 to America’s VetDogs

Beachcomber Donates Over $2

By Press Release

With the help of the Brodesser/Gomez families of Beachcomber Camping Resort, seasonal residents Linda Kusko and Matt Kopf raised $2,155 for America’s VetDogs. Kusko, who runs a Food Cabana on the resorts’ beach, and employee Kopf set up a fundraising project called ‘Pick-a-Pocket,’ where a $10 donation in ‘the jar’ allowed the donor to choose who’s pocket to pick from for an extra $5 donation: 1) the original owner of Beachcomber, Tom Brodesser; 2) current manager and daughter of Tom, Tammy Gomez; or 3) current co-manager and son-in-law of Tom, Ken Gomez. The Mission of America’s VetDogs is to help those who have served our country honorably live with dignity and independence. The organization achieves this by providing assistance dogs at no cost to the veterans. Each dog is specifically trained to cater to the needs of the veteran with whom they will be placed.

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