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Monday, July 15, 2024


Avalon to Hold Dune Grass Planting, Beach Sweep Events, April 21

Council Vice President John McCorristin teaches dune grass planting.

By Press Release

AVALON — The Borough of Avalon will be holding two special events April 21 to further improve the environment and sustainability of the beachfront.
Avalon will hold its annual spring dune grass planting day, and also partner with Clean Ocean Action on its 33rd Annual Beach Sweep event. Both events will be held during the morning hours with a kickoff event at Avalon Community Hall, at 30th Street and the beach.
The Avalon Environmental Commission hosts the dune grass planting event where thousands of dune grass stolons are planted in the Avalon dune system. The dune grass helps maintain the integrity of the dunes which provide resiliency to the Borough during storm events.
The event begins at 8:30 a.m. and special tools used to plant the dune grass will be provided, along with education about the importance of dune grass in the Avalon system. Volunteers will be treated to a light breakfast in advance of the events, and lunch when the tasks are completed.
The Avalon Department of Public Works will again sponsor the Clean Ocean Action beach sweep. Trash and debris that has accumulated on the Avalon beaches will be collected and removed. Materials collected will be counted and catalogued to encourage current and future efforts for the reduction of litter on, and near, the marine environment.
Individuals, families, and groups are encouraged to sign up in advance to volunteer for the dune grass plantings and beach sweep events. Please call Suzanne Keen at (609) 967-5924 or email
For more information, visit

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