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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Cape May Introduces New Digital Beach Tags

Shown is a stock photo of a lifeguard boat on a Cape May beach in 2019.

From the City of Cape May

Planning a trip to the beach? No cash, no problem! As of summer 2024, tags can easily be purchased, scanned, and stored on any smartphone browser.

Visitors can purchase the Digital Beach Tags using the following steps:

  • Single Day Visitors
    1. Choose your pass
    2. Input date and quantity
    3. Complete payment form
    4. Click view receipt and you must leave the receipt tab open to gain access back onto the beach
  • Multiple Day Visitors
    1. Choose 3 day, weekly or seasonal
    2. Complete payment form
    3. Receive confirmation
    4. Pickup tags at the beach – Booth pickup locations are along the Promenade at Broadway, Gurney, Howard and Madison

Ready to check-in to the beach? Follow these steps:

  • Single Day Digital Tags
    1. Show the animated QR code in your browser to the beach tagger
    2. Keep the tab open for the entire day to regain access to the beach
    3. Be prepared to show identification if prompted
  • Multiple Day Tag Pickup
    1. Go to a tag pickup location along the Cape May Promenade
    2. Show animated QR code from your browser or email
    3. Get scanned to receive your physical tag – Valid for one scan only

Processing fees will apply. No camera phone? Go directly to For a copy of your receipt and all other inquiries, text (609) 602-5083.

If you prefer not to use a digital beach tag, you can still person beach tags daily and in-person at every beach entrance or at the kiosks located on Howard St., Gurney St. Madison Ave., and Broadway until Labor Day. In-person purchases accept cash or checks only. Checks can be made out to the City of Cape May.

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