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Cape Assist’s Annual Summer Camp Teaches Life Lessons

Greater Wildwood Kiwanis Club President Gordon Bell (pictured right) stands with kids who attended Cape Assist’s summer camp, along with their coordinator, Chelymarie Reyes (pictured left).

From Cape Assist

WILDWOOD – Cape Assist completed its third consecutive year of giving local youth a free, five-week summer Camp. The generosity of local partners made the camp possible for attendees in grades 1 – 3. Donations from the Greater Wildwood Kiwanis Club, $1,200, and Ocean Inc., $4,700, provided food, field trips, and a variety of activities.

“As the saying goes, ‘It takes a village,’ and Cape Assist continues to recognize that with each passing year. We are thankful when we get to collaborate with amazing partners such as the Greater Wildwood Kiwanis Club and Ocean Inc.,” said Cape Assist Executive Director and CEO Katie Faldetta. “We all work in similar spheres in our county and combining our efforts helps us provide something greater than any one of us could on our own, like the amazing experiences our kids had this summer.”

Campers engaged in a full day of activities and fun with free breakfast and lunch. The students enjoyed field trips to Morey’s Pier, the movies, and the Seaport Aquarium. Other activities like horseback riding and lessons on safety from the Cape May County Sheriff’s Department took place at Cape Assist’s offices, where campers started each day. The last day of the camp featured a giant water slide and a celebratory barbeque for them and their families.

The Cape Assist summer camp aims to provide stimulating activities with many important life lessons worked into the fun. Daily discussions focused on developing important social and relationship skills, like using kind words, expressing feelings, and solving problems.

The Greater Wildwood Kiwanis Club, a nonprofit dedicated to serving local youth and participating in a variety of community service projects, as well as Ocean Inc., an outreach organization focused on fostering community and uplifting low-income members in Cape May County, have consistently supported Cape Assist and its mission. Through these partnerships, Cape Assist has strengthened its support of the community, including through its annual summer camp, open to all Cape May County residents.

Cape Assist is a substance misuse prevention, treatment, and advocacy organization devoted to the Cape May community. The non-profit helps the community by offering counseling and rehabilitation as well as providing resources and education to the people of the county to make informed and healthy decisions. Through programs like these, Cape Assist can help the community and remind residents that Cape Assist is there for them during a crisis or even just a few hours a week to help out.

Learn more about Cape Assist’s programs from family fun to informational training at

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