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Tuesday, July 23, 2024


VIDEO: ‘Book Brigade’ Opens New Cape May City Library

Collin Hall
A county ceremony officially opened the new Cape May library on 720 Franklin Street – part of the county’s network of libraries – on Thursday, June 13.

By Collin Hall

CAPE MAY – The city and hundreds of its residents and visitors celebrated the opening of a brand-new 16,000-square-foot library on Thursday, June 13, with a “book brigade” human chain that whisked books from the old library on the corner of Hughes and Ocean to the new one on Franklin Street, giving new life to the bones of the old Franklin Street School.

We followed the first book as it was passed across town. Watch the video at 2x speed for a quicker feel of the action.

Energy was high as civic groups from across the county, including American Legion Post #198 and Cape May CARES, came to support the initiative, having been invited by the mayor. Lots of visitors joined in from off the street.

Books were passed hand-to-hand along the half-mile route. Mayor Zach Mullock led the charge with a Bible that resided in the Franklin Street School when it was still operational. “We need as many people as possible, join in!” he said.

Members of American Legion Post #198 came to join the festivities. Photo Credit: Collin Hall

The project took nearly a decade of planning and work and cost more than $11 million, including $3.4 million from the New Jersey library system.

Cape May’s Center for Community Arts once held a lease on the property and worked to turn the old school into a civic center. The new library, part of the county library system, will essentially serve that same purpose as people come for lectures, exercise classes, free concerts, art classes and other programming.

Contact the reporter, Collin Hall, at or 609-886-8600, ext. 156.

Content Marketing Coordinator / Reporter

Collin Hall grew up in Cape May County and works as a content manager for Do The Shore, as well as a reporter. He currently lives in Villas.

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