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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Bishop McHugh Celebrated Spring with a Music and Art Festival

The day was a celebration of music and art – many kids came dressed in costumes themed after a 1950s broadway hit.

By Megan Mcbride for Bishop McHugh

“Cast members” stand by their art.

Organized by two exceptional individuals from Bishop McHugh, Beth Walls, the school’s music teacher, and Kathleen Harper, the art teacher, collaborated to turn the auditorium into a stunning art gallery to showcase artwork from preschool to 8th-grade students.

In addition to the gallery, the stage was adorned with magnificent works of art, creating a backdrop reminiscent of scenes from the 1950s Broadway show, The Music Man. Ms. Walls, as part of the music curriculum, assigned her students from 4th to 8th grade to showcase a musical review based on this cherished Broadway production.

This evening was made possible thanks to the unwavering support of the Bishop McHugh Community. Students, faculty, and families worked in unison to honor the creative and performing artistic abilities of the students.

Upon entering the art gallery, guests were welcomed by an exhibition with art samples created throughout the year. The walls were adorned with stunning butterflies, along with animal and environmental pictures made using various art techniques that the students had mastered. Pictured here is 6th-grade student Arabella Cristelo proudly showing her painting of two parrots.

Arabella, alongside other 6th to 8th grade students, designed their own “Pick a Little Lady” floral hats. These hats were made during the students’ April enrichment classes and served as part of the girls’ costumes.

Many of the other students had help creating their costumes from very generous family volunteers.

Additionally, 6th graders contributed to creating the antique piano prop, while 7th graders managed lighting and scene transitions backstage. The fantastic teaching staff from 4th to 8th grade supported the students throughout the production.

As previously stated, this entire evening was dedicated to showcasing the diverse talents of the student body. The continuous support from staff members and families truly reflects the strong community that Bishop McHugh has fostered.

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