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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Bashaw’s Position on Immigration

By James DiMartino, Cape May

To the Editor:

I would have expected a more nuanced and considered approach from a businessman who requires immigrants to make his operation tick. From kitchen staff, to landscapers, to sales help there is not a business in Cape May County that can get along without them. I couldn’t in my business which I ran for 42 years.

Immigrants do many of the jobs that locals never even apply for.

Just comparing the border to “leaving your back door open with the lights on” doesn’t present or even hint at a possible solution. I would like to hear an idea instead of hearing a candidate throw a well-worn stone.

Some years ago Mr. Bashaw presented a Ted Talk clearly delineating the crux of our tourist economy. It’s about forging memories: Positive, wonderful memories designed to be repeated… year after year. What are the memories he hopes to forge in the U.S. Senate?

Let’s hope future position papers put a fine point on his intentions.


Cape May

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