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Sunday, May 26, 2024


A Case for Trump

By Anthony Monzo, Cape May

To the Editor:

I was disheartened to read of Art Hall’s decision to not endorse Donald Trump, citing the lack of a peaceful transition of power and concluding that it is necessary to safeguard our democracy. Although I agree with much of what he said and appreciate the conservative values he has put forth in the Herald over the many years I have known him, I disagree with his conclusions.

First of all, we are not a democracy but a republic which affords all of our citizens a right to be represented, including the farmers, ranchers, factory workers, coal miners and truck drivers that reside in the rural parts of this great nation between the two coasts. But the bigger flaw in his reasoning is that it is not Donald Trump who is the threat. It is Joe Biden, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party that has never accepted Donald Trump as our president. And they did not need to utilize the lawful system that we have and that was used by Donald Trump in his court challenges, which he had every right to pursue. Rather, even before he was elected the plan was in place to undermine his presidency and remove him from office.

Unlike Trump, they used surrogates through the institutions that were put in place to uphold our Constitution and protect our rights, namely the FBI, CIA, the Justice Department and FISA Court, all fueled by the mainstream media who hated Trump as much as they did. They fabricated a Russia collusion narrative, used a false dossier funded by the Clinton campaign, lied to the public through Adam Schiff and other leaders in the Democratic Party, spent millions of dollars on a dream team of Democratic operatives hired by Muller, and kept this nation on edge for nearly two years. But in the end there was nothing there and there never was. All they did for the entire four years while Trump was in office was undermine his presidency and weaken our nation.

The United States is a two-party system, and when you do not endorse the candidate from one you are tacitly endorsing the other. Although RFK Jr. is a third party candidate this year, it is really between Biden and Trump. And even RFK Jr. said that Biden, with his weaponization of the Justice Department to go after his political opponents, is a bigger threat to our “democracy” than Trump. So when you make a decision to not endorse one candidate, which encourages people to vote for his opponent, you have to take a close look at what his opponent and his party stand for. Below are what I consider the main problems with Biden and the Democratic Party.

  • They condone the murder of innocent children and support a legislative agenda that seeks to strip the rights of United States Supreme Court and individual states to end this atrocity.
  • They are anti-anything that has to do with Christianity, by banning prayer from all public places, including our schools, removing anything Biblical from the public square, and ostracizing Christians throughout the nation. 
  • They support the indoctrination of children by actively promoting and funding critical race theory in our schools, and have shifted from an agenda of “equality” under the law to “equity” regardless of the law. The agenda is clearly to redistribute resources in order to create an even outcome regardless of the work that is done to achieve success.
  • They support an agenda that gives school administrators more rights than parents when it comes to sexuality by assisting children with gender-affirming care without disclosing it to parents, and by sexualizing our children with pornographic materials as part of a debased curriculum.
  • They support men competing as women in women’s sports, and giving them free access to women’s locker rooms. By doing so, it has gutted the equal rights that were given to women athletics under Title IX.
  • They are opposed to the free exercise of speech unless it supports their ideology, and labels concerned parents who speak out against what is happening in our schools as domestic terrorists and condemn those who question the 2020 election results.
  • They will do anything to gain and retain power, including the manipulation of our election process, seeking to eliminate the electoral college and prosecuting political opponents.
  • They are for the abolition of the rights that we have been guaranteed in the Constitution, and have used executive powers during the pandemic to lock us down and impede our rights to attend church, travel and earn a living.
  • They are hypocrites, arguing that a woman has a right to kill an unborn baby because she has the right to control her own body and reproductive system, but tell us we do not have the right to control our own bodies by refusing a vaccine, or the right to choose what medical treatment we want or don’t want.
  • They support an open southern border that has allowed more than 10 million illegal immigrants to enter the United States since Biden took office, including many criminals and drug cartels, which has exasperated a widespread fentanyl problem that is causing the deaths of countless Americans.
  • They took us from being an energy independent nation to an energy dependent nation that has seen energy prices and inflation skyrocket during the Biden administration.
  • With their Green New Deal, they want to control every aspect of our lives, from the foods we eat, the cars we drive, and where we get our energy, and by doing so have no regard for the farmers, coal miners, factory workers, small business owners and their families who will be affected by these outrageous policies.
  • They want to raise taxes on all Americans (a corporate tax is a tax on all Americans) to pay for its various social programs, disincentivize entrepreneurship, subsidize the non-workers, make us totally dependent on government, and basically turn us into a socialist nation which will be overrun by inflation and lack of productivity.
  • And lastly, they have turned their backs on crime by defunding the police and refusing to enforce the criminal laws, allowing shoplifting and looting, and releasing violent criminals who then go on to commit more violent crimes, including the catch and release of illegal immigrants, or as Biden refers to them  – “undocumented” individuals.

It is time for those who have conservative values but are never-Trumpers to come to the realization that the alternative is far worse than another Trump presidency can ever be. The Democratic Party under a Biden or shadow Obama administration wants to destroy America as we knew it, and make us part of a global political system which will trample upon the rights that we have fought so hard to keep for 250 years. We need to restore the American exceptionalism that once was, and when I look at the choices there is only one, and that is Donald Trump.


Cape May

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