Friday, December 1, 2023

Pay Attention to the Physically Impaired

By Joe Murphy / Town Bank

To the Editor:

Over the last 5 years, I’ve found out a few things about the general public and myself. There are concerned and selfish people who are oblivious to others, especially to physically impaired fellow citizens. I don’t think it is intentional for most but it is for some. I was for a while. I let stress or any excuse cut my common decency at the expense of others. I had recently both knees replaced so my mobility has been cut down. Using initially a wheel chair I noticed how people would cut me off while I was moving. This also happens using a walker, canes, or crutches. People can see you coming and they still cut you off. This disassociates you from your balance and or gets the public run over. I suggest spoiled Karens and Kens get over themselves and become aware of others. Learned the hard way.


Town Bank

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